Who Is Yogesh Rao

A Dreamer

Hey, Many Of you already Know about me i was born in India in a very small village in very poor family monthly family average income was 100$ even many times less than it. i completed my school in govt. school by born i was hard working since childhood so i was good in class, it was the reason i got schoolerships by them i was able to complete my study.

       After 12th i tried for IIT but i failed, lost 4000$ of my parents due that my family stucked in debt, my father business was not going good. we were almost Homeless That time, But since Childhood i was Dreamer.i have dreams I did not wanted to live an average life.

i found a way

its very true “when you ready teacher Appears”, Same thing Happened with me, i was searching for something part time online work. i started my collage in 2016-17 those days someone introduced me about this amazing industry “Affiliate Marketing” i took action without thinking twice because i had not any option those Days.

        in Starting few months i was not good in sales because i was most shy Guy those Days in my Group. i Tried Hard to Learn Sales and Marketing , i took courses of some of Top Sales People on Planet Earth. in 2018 when i was in my 2nd Year of Collage i was making 2000$/day i did not want to Stop myself so I moved to big city in india and Droped Collage.   


Yogesh Rao

Now i Living My Dream Life Helping others

Thanks to This amazing Industry Network Marketing By that i am able to Live a life that i deserved, i am Living in My Dream City dubai Traveling World, making 100K$ minimum a Month.

Yogesh Rao
Yogesh rao