Crypto Tools – Build a Million Dollar Crypto Portfolio

crypto toolsBuy Bitcoin

  1. Cash App – Buy and sell Bitcoin on your Smartphone
  2. – Buy and sell Bitcoin with credit card
  3. – Buy, Sell and Turn Crypto Into Currency of Your Choice

Wallets (Store Bitcoin + Altcoins)

  1. – Hard wallet to store your crypto safely (#1 place to store bitcoin)
  2. – Free all in one desktop app to safely store and manage your coins
  3. – Free ERC20 wallet. Use for ERC-20 Tokens

Top Exchanges

  1. – My favorite exchange to buy and sell altcoins
  2. – Second favorite exchange and very user friendly

NOTE: I don’t do much on exchanges but these are the two I use most

Free Websites

  1. – Where you go to see coin market cap, research coins, and more
  2. – Cryptocurrency calendar
  3. – Star your favorite coins, create a portfolio, and more
  4. – Crypto news source
  5. – Track the past, present, and future of companies
  6. Hackernoon – Must read crypto article