Hello, Welcome Back my Rocks in this vlog I am going to give you some of my proven tips To Generate leads in the Network Marketing Business. Every day hundreds of leaders ask me Yogesh

How You Generate so Much Leads Every Day?

so I decided To share with you some of my Proven Ideas.

Here is a list of 46 simple lead generation strategies ANYONE can do. I’d start by picking 3-4 things from this list and focusing on them.

  1. Safelists Pay Per Click
  2. YouTube videos
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Facebook groups
  8. Facebook Lives
  9. Facebook direct messages
  10. Referrals Home parties
  11. Newspaper ads
  12. Wear a button
  13. MLM Clothing 
  14. Email signatures
  15. Business cards
  16. Drop cards
  17. Handwritten notes
  18. Buy leads
  19. Reverse marketing
  20. Collect business cards
  21. contact people Buy genealogy lists
  22. Email marketing
  23. MLM Gateway
  24. IBO Toolbox
  25. Blogging
  26. Article Marketing
  27. Car Magnet
  28. Car Sticker
  29. Sample Products
  30. Gift Cards
  31. Give products for birthdays
  32. Contact your warm market
  33. Fish Bowl strategy
  34. Guest Posting on blogs
  35. Mail postcards
  36. Pamphlets Brochures
  37. Information booklets
  38. Solo Ads
  39. Ezine ads Banner
  40. Ads Pay per View


Once again, this is not a comprehensive list, but it is a good starting point for your lead generation strategies. Have a great weekend.

Yogesh Rao

Network Marketing Professional 


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